REAGAN’S QUALITY MARKETIn 1924, Martin T. Reagan opened Reagan’s Quality Market on Harrison Street in downtown Davenport. For nearly 50 years, the Reagan name signified freshness, quality, and reliability to the Quad Cities.  Four generations later, chef Jacob Reagan is bringing the family business back to town with a food truck carrying the same name: Reagan’s Quality Market. This new food truck will offer up what your great-grandparents came to expect from the Reagan name – a no-frills, old-school deli with artisan smoked and cured meats – using recipes passed down from fathers to sons. With simple and expertly-crafted sandwiches and hand crafted sides, Chef Reagan will transport patrons back to a time when the ingredients mattered more than the schtick, and when a good cut of meat could fill your belly and satisfy your palate. Reagan’s Quality Market has returned to put time-tested quality back into the Quad Cities’ deli experience.